Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Poem

It's that time of year again! "What time of year?" you're thinking. Halloween, duh. Every Halloween for the last three years I have written a cute Halloween poem. So here's this year's:

Down the haunted gravel road
Across the haunted bridge.
Through the haunted pumpkin patch
Beyond the haunted ridge.

I walk to school each foggy morn
With no one else but me
And say "hello" to headless ghosts
And wave to haunted trees.

And with a grin upon my face,
I guess I'm pretty brave.
I'm not afraid of eyes that gaze
From far beyond the grave.

I'm not afraid of creepy ghouls
That lurk in murky ponds,
I'm not afraid of witches
Or their warts or magic wands.

I'm not afraid of screaming winds
I'm not afraid of lightning,
Cause if I'm late for class,
My teacher turns out much more frightening!


JordoBaggins said...

GOod poem uncle ced!
the ending doesn't seem to flow thou, maybe
"cause if i'm late for class,
my teacher's much more frightning!"
just a thought,
ernest hemmingway

Cedric Anderson said...

I refuse to take writing advice from a dead guy.

Micah said...

Don't listen to that suicidal maniac. It flows like $#@!% snow in the $%#@! woods!
John McGuirk

C. Colt Crane said...

Cedric, I love you so much. I seriously go through withdrawals because I miss you so much. I didn't know you were such an artist! I like to think of myself as an ispiration...when are you going to draw up the most powerful hobo of them all: Switchyard Ceddy!? I love you man, and tell your wife that by naming your son Colt, you have given him great power and great responsibility. (it's funny though because my wife and I argued over naming our son Cedric.) I love you.