Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Blog- Robo Bandito!

NEW WEB SITE! What's that you say? A New Collaborative Art Blog? Yes. That's what I say. I will be joining forces with the powerful Kolby Doggins and the omnipotent Mike Carpenter on a new blog called ROBO BANDITO. This blog is going to be Off Da Hook. There will not even be a hook near this blog, it will be so far off da hook. Go check it out, and check often for new off-the-wall awesomeness.

OMG! I'm so excited!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My hero, Elizabeth Cotten

Elizabeth Cotten learned guitar upside down because she was left-handed and could only borrow right-handed guitars from friends. Despite this setback, she became an amazing folk guitar player. Her discovery came while she was working as a nanny for the Charles and Ruth Seeger family. As you probably know, this family was deeply involved in the music industry. They overheard Elizabeth playing a pretty tune on a family guitar and offered to launch her into music history. Although she was well in her 60's, she accepted a record deal and a rigorous touring schedule. She later won a Grammy for Best Ethnic or Traditional recording. Her songs have been covered by the likes of Peter Paul and Mary, Bob Dylan and Jerry Garcia. In short, Elizabeth Cotten rules (ruled)!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dance Party Under the Waves

I have more Hero ACEO's to post, but I thought I'd shake things up a bit. This painting is the biggest one I've done so far (it's only 11" x 30"), so I posted a small image of the whole thing and larger detail pictures. This one was so fun to paint, I think I'll do another Dance Party on land. Fun!

Here are some close-ups of the details-

Saturday, March 14, 2009


I have loved Bruce Lee since I was a tiny fellow. I remember listening to my cousin Devon relate a scene from "Chinese Connection" when I was really little and the images that came to my mind were so exciting. When I actually watched my first Bruce Lee movie, I was so stoked. My imagination hadn't even considered some of the killer moves that Bruce Lee was capable of. In this painting, I have captured Bruce doing what he did best- disarming an afro-toting henchman in a gay-looking vest. And looking good doing it.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hercule Poirot

This one's for my mom and dad. We always used to watch this show on PBS about a witty French detective named Hercule Poirot. Sarah and Scout were out of town last month and while channel-surfing, I stumbled on an episode. While watching, all these great memories of watching this cool show came flooding into my brain and I decided to add him to my list of heroes. enjoy!

Monday, March 9, 2009

We Want Matlock!

What can you say about Matlock? He's the man! At a loss for words, I've compiled a few Simpson's quotes about Matlock below. Enjoy-

Lionel Hutz: "Mr Simpson, don't you worry. I watched Matlock in a bar last night, the sound wasn't on, but I think I got the gist of it."

Grampa: "I'm an old man. I hate everything but Matlock. Ooh, it's on now!"

Grampa: "I say we call Matlock. He'll find the culprit. It's probably that evil Gavin MacLeod or George 'Goober' Lindsay.

Bart: Grampa, Matlock's not real.

Grampa: Neither are my teeth, but I can still eat corn on the cob if someone cuts it off and mushes it into a fine paste. Now that's good eatin!"

Quimby: "And this proposed expressway will bring increased commerce to our local merchants."

Grampa: "What's in it for us?"

Jasper: "Yeah, give us something we like or we'll ride you out of town on a rail!"
Quimby: "Ahem, well, uh, what do you people like?"

Jasper: "Sleep".

Crazy Old Man: "Sexy dames, and plenty of em."

Grampa: "Maaatloock!"

Quimby: "Well, I suppose I could name it the Matlock Expressway."

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

mGood Evening

Here's Al Hitchcock with a creepy raven perched on his expensive suit coat. This card is dedicated to Kolby because nobody appreciates a good Hitchcock movie as much as Kolby.

Who's your hero?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Train, Say your Prayers, Eat your Vitamans Too

The Hulkster's in the House. This card is dedicated to Darin, because he is currently going to school to get a doctorate in being a Hulkamaniac. here are some quotes of wisdom from Hulk Hogan's album, entitled "Hulk Rules"- "Always go swimmin' with a buddy, work real hard and always study", "When you're out on the beach, you can see so much. Look all you want, but you better not touch", "When the Hulkster comes to heaven, we'll tag up again".

Who's your hero?