Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Who Wants Sandwich?

This is a drawing I did on the whiteboard at work. I don't know why, but I like the cut of that alligators jib. Seems like a nice fellow.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Paintings for "Stanley- the Sloth Who Saved Christmas"

These are the paintings for the Christmas story I wrote this year. I'll post the whole story at the bottom. I used a scanner in the BYU library this time and the pictures didn't come out as I hoped. I really would like a scanner of my own!

Deep in the Jungle of HoolaHaru
Lived Stanley the Sloth and his family too
They lived at the top of a Boogeyfruit tree
Where the jungle of HoolaHaru could be seen

One day Stanley perched on the uppermost limb
And he clapped eyes on something fantastically grim
From the murky old jungle of Hulahooray,
A wild pack of wolfbears was coming his way

Those wolfbears ate bunnies, they ate little sheep,
They ate little birds who were trying to sleep
And anything moving turned into their food,
Oh, those wolfbears were ugly and stinky and rude
So as fast as they could (which was really quite slow),
Stanley’s poor family decided to go

They came to a cave which was cozy inside
Where the creatures of HoolaHaru came to hide
And there they lived happy, those animal friends
And they danced and they sang, and the fun didn’t end

Until one day, young Sally the Sloth asked her pop,
“Since we’ve moved, how will Santy Claus know where to stop?
Since I can remember, he’s come to our tree
And brought presents for all of my sisters and me”
So Stanley the Sloth and his animal chums
Worked out a way to get Santa to come

The next day they came to the rubber-band tree
Where Stanley divulged what his plan was to be
“From the rubber-band tree I’ll catapult forth
And float my way up to the snows of the north
I’ll find ole St. Nick and I’ll tell him the news
That the creatures of HoolaHaru have all moved”

So Stanley sprang forth from the rubber-band tree,
He flew over the jungle and over the sea,
He flew over houses and stores and saloons
And the view was so nice- he was glad that he flew

He flew over igloos and snow-covered trees
And Stanley turned cold, and soon started to freeze
His eyeballs were frozen, his fingers were froze,
Poor Stanley was froze from his nose to his toes
A big ball of ice, Stanley fell from the sky
And he couldn’t break free, though he tried and he tried

For moments and minutes and hours and days
Stanley was sad he was frozen that way
That poor slothy ice cube was such a sad sight
And there he sat frozen till Christmas Eve night

When all of a sudden, from a mile away,
He saw something coming that looked like a sleigh
And before he believed it, Santa was there
With his big jiggly belly and white beard and hair
He laughed a great laugh, and soon Stanley felt
That all of the ice quickly started to melt

And Stanley was happy, as warm as can be
Then Santa said “come join the reindeer and me!”
“But how did you know I was here,” Stan inquired
“How did you know I was lonely and tired?”
“Your daughter, young Sally, missed having you near
And YOU were the gift that she asked for this year,
So climb on my sleigh, I’ve got plenty to do,
Now back to the jungle of HoolaHaru!”

As quick as a wink, the cave was in sight
What a party they had on that Christmas Eve night
And on Christmas day all the gifts were unwrapped
But the best gift of all was that Stanley was back

© Cedric Anderson 2009

Friday, December 19, 2008

Future Self-Portrait

I've been working on a twelve painting story that is taking me forever, so I've been getting antsy to post something in the meantime. This paining is a portrait of my future self- a future self-portrait. Notice that I am dressed in clothes that I wish I could justify wearing now. There are certain things I think you have to earn your way into wearing, like a fedora (which you can only wear if you're an old man or Frank Sinatra), or cowboy boots (which you can only wear if you're an old man or a real cowboy). Also notice that I will be carrying a pistol to scare youngsters and shoot raccoons.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

First Set of Paintings

© Cedric Anderson 2009
So far with the Frog-snot blog, I have jotted down a lot of ideas for poems and drawings, etc. I recently began to start painting with watercolors and I have enjoyed it so much that I think I'm hooked! I think I am going to filter the good stuff slowly from the Frog-snot blog onto this one and hopefully have a nice painting to go along with my poems. I treated the Frog-snot blog as a kind of archive for all my ideas, but I think this one will be more like a normal blog with comments, thoughts, etc. Cool!