Thursday, July 23, 2009

What Cool Siblings I Have!

First of all, my cool and nice sister Hannah is so radical. She posted on her popular crafting blog about me. Check it out. She is so cool and nice. She will be (wo)manning my booth at Craft Lake City (a very cool alternative arts and crafts festival in Salt Lake that I'm lucky to be a part of) with my beautiful wife, Sarah. Hopefully my super cool sister, Britta, will also be there. I will not be there, as my wedding band will be in Park City playing a posh wedding/reception late into the night. Speaking of cool siblings, my brother, Micah, posted an awesome video of a treasure hunt that we organized for the grand kids at our family reunion this year. The video is SO rad- Check it out. I'm such a happy dude right now! Here's a picture of one of my heroes-

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Hannah Stevenson said...

Oh Cedric,
You are so cool and so nice and so nice and so cool and so RAD....and so....